Multibots lists the top three artificial intelligent humanoids for sale on Amazon.

The most expensive is 25,000 dollars and can be used to help market products and do other tasks. Learn more about it here.

ADA GH6 Humanoid Robotics Hybrid

It is inevitable that ADA GH6 makes you stand out among your competitors. Get new Customers, Increase your Company financial performance, Become the most popular, Greet your customer jocundly, appealingly and innovatively with our programmed robot for your service area, No salary nor the holiday entitlement, Just watch your customer pool expand. 

Looking for a more affordable option, see the GT Robot here. Price point is 1988.00.

GT Wonder Boy Smart Social Companion Humanoid Robot Artificial Intelligence Robotics.
  • Voice Command – Activate specified functions by speaking directly to your GT Wonder Boy.
  • Edu-tainment – Keep the young at home occupied. Through seamless 2-way voice interaction, picking up general knowledge and arithmetic equations will be engaging and fun. Entertain the young and the young at heart with commands such as, “Tell me a story,” “Can you dance,” or “Play a funny video!”
  • Multilingual (Perfect as a travel companion) – Travelling but non-conversant in the native tongue? GT Wonder Boy to the rescue! Your compact robotic companion designed perfectly for travel speaks/ translates at least 12 languages effortlessly.
  • Touch Sensor – The touch sensor on the top of GT Wonder Boy’s helmet allows you as the owner to intercept your social companion robot when in the midst of executing a task.
  • Open API for High Degree of Customisation – Besides pre-selected functions or capabilities, build your own via the programming interface within the software provided. Co-create new functionalities as part of family bonding. Inculcate hands-on experiential learning and instil confidence in the young ones at home with their first ever personalised robot.

The final pick is the most affordable offered at only 384.99 here.

UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot.

Alpha 1 Pro is an app-enabled, programmable humanoid robot that’s designed to educate and entertain your entire household. Its perfectly designed, high-precision servo joints, 3D visual programming software, and other advanced features are seamlessly controlled in one app.

Alpha 1 Pro is so much more than a tech toy…his personality, life-like movements and energy make him feel like the newest member of the family